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About Us

Welcome to About Us – Plus Size Today! Tired of looking for furniture and solutions to fit your plus-size needs? Well, then you are in the right place. We’re here to help make your life easier and more comfortable while doing it with style and absolute function.

About Us

I am a passionate and dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) that provides care to a variety of clients that suffer from physical and mental impairments. As part of my work I observe the abilities and limitations of each client and discuss with families products or services that might help their loved one increase their functionality and level of independence.

In addition to using caregiver products I also observe where and how they sit, where they sleep, where they relax and how each area functions for them.  Some of my clients are plus-sized and they definitely require extra evaluation when considering a proper seating, sleeping or relaxing solution to support their frame and promote good health.

Sitting or sleeping on the wrong furniture can negatively impact your physical and mental health!  I look for warning signs of discomfort, pain, neuropathy, joint issues, headaches. etc. to determine when a new furniture solution is required.  Providing the proper solution can go a long way in reducing pain and inflammation, which in turn, promotes better health.

At Plus Size Today we want to see you or your loved one, as a plus-size person, identify and locate the proper furniture solution that will meet not only your emotional happiness quotient, but promote better health.  I have personally seen the difference this can make for individuals and families. In some cases the change has been dramatic, but always gratifying when I see the benefit a chair, bed or other furniture solution can make for a plus-sized person.  Isn’t your mental and physical worth the cost of larger well-built chair or bedding solution?

A Special Client

Chair and ottoman

One of my clients just happens to be my wife of 36 years who also happens to be a lovely plus-sized woman. A couple of years ago my wife could no longer work due to the growing severity of Lipedema and Lymphedema (Lipo-Lymphedema) in the lower half of her body. The sheer volume of Lipedema fat and lymph fluid in her lower body nearly made her bedridden.

She also suffers from severe osteoarthritis in both knees, which limits her mobility to around the home. Being the stubborn and determined woman she is, we researched furniture solutions that could help reduce her chronic pain and inflammation while providing needed support in her joints and very large legs.

It took months of scouring local stores and online solutions before we found the right furniture to meet her needs.  In her case a wonderfully supportive chair and a half with a large firm ottoman fit our needs not only for comfort and function but also in style.  Both pieces match our living room decor and both pieces fit our budget too!

Bringing you Functional and Stylish Solutions

At Plus Size Today you will find furniture and accessories that are both functional and stylish. This means we will find solutions that are supportive of your posture and size while complementing your home decor at a price point to fit your budget.

Just because we are plus-sized and don’t fit the “mass marketed” standard size furniture doesn’t mean we should sacrifice quality and style choices.  Manufacturers are starting to realize they need to build their line of products to accommodate a growing American population.  Not only do we need more furniture options we demand color and style options.  At Plus Size Today we will find those solutions and continue to update our store with those new products that fit your function, style and budget needs.

We will also offer you complementary products and accessories to help you stylize your home and protect your furniture investment.  This may include items, like throw pillows, throw blankets or chair covers.  If there is something you would like us to find for your needs, please send us a note through our contact page.

About Us – Contact Us

We also welcome all suggestions, comments and questions. The best way to reach us is through our contact us page.

We hope you enjoy the site and find a product(s) that can make your life more functional and stylish. Make sure you are comfortable and happy with the furniture in your life – you deserve it!

We look forward to helping you find your plus-size solutions!

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